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Synthetic plant Ester is a new eco-friendly plasticizer that is extracted from a variety of plants and esterified under the action of a series of catalysts to produce a new environmentally friendly, nontoxic plasticizer that can be certified by a number of EU regulations.

Can be suppressed to take oil, plasticizing efficiency is higher than DOP and DBP, at the same time, the thermal stability of the product is long, less volatile, has gradually become the mainstream plasticizer on the market.

eco-friendly plasticizer

Geng Sheng source production of eco-friendly plasticizer, is a set of all researchers wisdom synthetic vegetable Ester plasticizer, colorless, odorless, safe, non-toxic, high plasticizing efficiency, with conventional products DOP or DBP use, can improve the plasticizing efficiency, effectively overcome the product oil, volatile problem, in the vast majority of products in the use of the process, can replace DOP or DBP

eco-friendly plasticizer
price is lower than most plasticizers on the market, without affecting the performance of each product at the same time, a significant reduction in production costs.