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Advantage of our product

1. physical and chemical application property

a. Our product is less dense than LCCP, add the same quantity plasticizer in one component plastic water respectively, the density is lighter in which used our product. Laying the same area of plastic runway, cost could be reduced for less quantity raw material used.

b. Our product has lower viscosity and good fluidity, it is convenience to mix during material preparation process. Meanwhile, add same quantity in the SPU formula, more calcium powder could be added and reduce material cost.

c. It has good stability, high thermal decomposition temperature and will not change color under illumination.

2. environment protection property

a. Raw material: food grade palm oil, renewable, biodegradable, accordance with sustainable development strategy and national environment protection requirements. Chlorinated paraffin produced with straight-chain paraffin of C18-C30. Paraffin is extracted from petroleum, and has the disadvantages of non-renewable and slow biodegradation.

b. Process environmental protection: Many LCCP enterprises are limited by capacity, process equipment backward, environmental indicators unqualified, resulting in product quality instability.

c. Products of environmental protection: plastic runway which contains our product would not be detected SCCPs in both raw material and finished product. Ordinary plastic runway added LCCP maybe crack, produce SCCPs and not eco-friendly.

3. Application of experiment

a. In the plastic runway formula with same addition quantity, the mechanical properties of finished product in which contains our product is better than the other one contains LCCP.

b. In the SPU formula with same addition quantity, the leveling property of plastic runway in which contains our product is better than other one contains LCCP.