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Plasticizer molecules should have good consistency with polymer, meanwhile some other characters must be considered in usage such as transparency, plasticizing efficiency, rigidity, strength, elongation, low temperature flexibility, low temperature brittleness, rubbery elasticity, anti-bending resistance, dimensional stability, electrical insulating property, voltage resistance, dielectricity, antistatic behavior, adhesiveness, etc..

Electrical insulating property related to its construction, the electrical insulating property of finished product is higher when using small polarity plasticizer.

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Durability includes heat pigmentation resistance, heat aging resistance, light resistance, cold endurance, acid and alkali resistance, washing fastness, water tolerant, corrosion resistance, attrition resistance, resistance transference, extracting resistance.

Transference means that plasticizer diffused from products inside (like sweat), the other possibility is transference to contiguous plastics and rubber products.  Plasticizer with active transference is not suitable to make packing materials.

Extracting resistance means that digestion resistance of water, solvent and oil.  Water extracting resistance is that plasticizer dissolving out when plasticized polymer soaked into water.  Extracting resistance products are usually used on water bottles and oil pipes and containers.  If extracting resistance is not very good, oil pipes will be hardened and water bottles will be not in compliance with food sanitation standard. 

Machinability includes machining operation ability, drying, lubricity, cross linking, plastic fluidity, long term repeated operation.

Safety includes wholesomeness, odorless, tasteless, noninflammability, re-utilization, degradability.

Economical efficiency expresses that marketing needs high quality plasticizer with reasonable price.

Please note that one kind plasticizer is impossible to posses all advantages, usually needs a mixture of two kinds of plasticizer according to different products.