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Benzene compounds had been proved hazardous to environment and human being, but people could not find ideal substitution of PVC products in short time, we have to develop new materials to replace harmful elements gradually at present.


As important additive, green eco-friendly plasticizer such as chlorinated palm oil methyl ester is replacing traditional plasticizer such as DOP, DOTP, it has new characters different from benzene compounds.

 chlorinated palm oil methyl ester

Non-toxic and odorless

Vegetable oil and fat based, free of heavy metals

Light fastness, heat resistance, good stability and durability

Good compatibility with polymers and PVC resins

Not easy to produce more oil, not easy to extract

Low temperature resistance, normally used in winter


Green eco-friendly plasticizer is widely applied in PVC food packages, medical appliance, children toys and personal hygiene items.  Under the influence of environment protection, new plasticizer will be obtained more attention and development.