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Since the 1980, the international ban on the trend of a wave of high tide, the European Union has issued a series of WEEE, EuP and RoHS  directives, are related to leaded products.  At the same time, restriction usage of lead salt heat stabilizer restrictions are more and more strictly in China.
In this context, environmental protection of PVC materials, especially PVC formulations is a focus of attention in the industry.  At present a lot of materials applied in cable industry, but PVC is the most widely used (70%-80%) material on wire and cable shield.
In recent years, China's PVC cable material production enterprises have a great development, especially some private enterprises, in the production scale, product structure adjustment and new product development in line with market demand, there is a great improvement.  In high-voltage PVC cable material, some famous international companies have still occupied the PVC cable material market.
The research and development of PVC cable material in China is comparatively late, and the research on PVC cable material of environmental protection is still in the early stage. Domestic environmental protection PVC cable material manufacturers can not solve the problems of PVC cable performance and production cost is high.  Although environmental protection of PVC cable materials conform to the social requirements, it is China's PVC wire and cable material development direction, but so far its application area is very limited, mainly used in large cities, Metro, City Rail, ships, high-rise buildings and nuclear power plants and other fields, far from popularization.

chlorinated methyl ester
PVC cable insulation and shield material prices are relatively inexpensive, excellent mechanical properties, processing convenience, becoming the largest quantity applied material in cable industry.  With the development of society, environmental issues are more and more attention, a variety of environmental policies issued, people are more inclined to use green PVC cable granular, as the main plasticizer in production process of PVC cable material, chlorinated methyl ester is in line with the current world environmental trends and international environmental protection requirements, with good compatibility with PVC, excellent plasticizing effect, with excellent anti-ignition, non-toxic, environmental performance.  The product has a certain flame retardancy and electrical insulation effect, the price advantage is obvious, has good application prospect and commercial value.
The preparation of chlorinated methyl ester is based on vegetable oil, chlorine as the main raw material, in the presence of catalyst, its preparation reaction conditions for temperature in 70~85℃, reaction time in 7~8 h, chlorine flow in 50~60 ml/min.  The reaction conditions of the process are mild, the requirements for raw materials are high, product performance can meet the requirements of the use of plastic plasticizer products. The experiment shows that chlorinated methyl ester can be used in mixture with other main plasticizers, can replace DOP 30%~70%, can be used for PVC processing, replace some of the main plasticizer phthalate dibutyl phthalate, phthalic acid di-octyl ester, plastic products processing plasticity, tensile strength and elongation of products, etc. have different degrees of improvement than the use of DOP alone.