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Artificial leather is the earliest invention for leather fabric substitutes, it is made with plasticizer and other additives calendering composite on the cloth, the advantage is cheap, rich color, a variety of patterns, the disadvantage is easy to harden, brittle. The surface of synthetic leather is polyurethane resin.  It is a composite fiber knitted fabric or a non-woven fabric coated with polyurethane microporous elastomer formed composites.      

Plasticizer can increase the mobility of resin, reduce the crystallinity of the resin molecule chain and increase the plasticity of the resin.  Mainly used in PVC soft products, especially PVC artificial leather accounted for about 50% of its dosage, plasticizer according to the degree of compatibility can be divided into main plasticizer and assistant plasticizer, the main plasticizer used in PVC soft products, dosage less, low price, can reduce costs.  Chlorinated methyl ester is the most commonly used plasticizer in production process of artificial leather.

Characteristics of chlorinated methyl ester applied in artificial leather: a, products odorless: the use of this product in processing of rubber and plastic products, its odorless, low odor effect is better than the use of DOP, DOTP, lemon acid ester and other common plasticizer effect. In China, the product is mainly used to produce various kinds of direct and food touch rubber and plastic package, inner cushion material.  In addition, as the automotive industry on the interior parts of the rising odor requirements, this product has been used by customers in the production of automotive instrumentation artificial leather materials, to replace the brand car manufacturers imported imitation leather material.  In the export market, mainly used in the products for European Union, Japan in children's toys, medical products, household items such as high demand for environmental protection rubber and plastic products. 

Chlorinated Methyl Ester

 b, No odor and smoke in process: the use of this product , the workshop site smoke reduce by 90% than use of DOP, smell also significantly reduced, greatly improved the processing workshop and the surrounding environment, better safeguard the health of staff.  c, excellent plasticizing performance: The practical use proves that the plasticizing performance is better than DOP. By adding the same number of products and DOP to the finished products, the products use of chlorinated methyl ester has better physical performance, especially at the same elongation and greater tensile strength.      d, Provide better transparency of products: in transparent products, chlorinated methyl ester  can achieve greater transparency than other plasticizers including DOP.  This feature is also being welcomed by a growing number of users.  e, excellent phase solubility: can add more than 120 parts dedicated environmentally-friendly chlorinated epoxy poly vinyl Epoxy resin plasticizer, in such a quantity, by long-term storage, long-distance high-temperature sea transport, the product surface is still smooth, dry without oil.  f, resistance to migration seepage: its resistance to migration, exudation characteristics more than DOP.  g, safe environmental protection non-toxic characteristics: this product passed the SGS inspection according to REACH regulation, ld50>10,000 mg/kg, the actual non-toxic.  This product can be used in any artificial leather products that enter the EU.