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It is reported that this year's Cannes, France, the smart card, payment identification trade will again be committed to presenting all security card and identity documents related content. ID card and pass the solutions based on polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU) films are innovative and ingenious.  Starting with the production of the data sheet, to achieve this, the relevant person has developed a polycarbonate film that has heat resistance and is resilient over a wide temperature range.     

The thickness of the composite film is thinner than a single layer film, making the design more free. "This means that the data pages can be thinner without sacrificing their toughness and elasticity." Using this product on the profile page allows the cardholder's data and photos to be printed in laser marking, with a higher contrast ratio than conventional laser reaction films.  Since this material can be integrated into the core, it is said that the film can provide better protection against counterfeiting. The development and application of this special film and patented ultra-laser technology is the product of Covestro's feedback on the security document market trends.

methyl chloride plasticizer  

In addition to providing anti-counterfeiting protection, they can also be customized in a faster and more economical way than traditional production technologies. Methyl chloride methyl ester, the full name of the methyl ester of chlorinated methoxy fatty acid, as a new environmentally friendly plasticizer, its product raw materials derived from natural oils and fats, in line with the current world environmental trends and international environmental requirements, and good compatibility with PVC, is a cheap and inexpensive DOP class plasticizer substitutes.      

In the production of various films, add a certain proportion of methyl chloride plasticizer, to enhance the flexibility of the film and other properties. As one of the plastic additives, methyl chloride, which is added to improve the resin processing properties and the use of chemicals added to the performance.  Commonly used in the plastic additives have teenagers, with the increase in plastic varieties, the use of expansion and processing technology, the type of additives and varieties are also increasing.

In the process of plastic film and application, plastic additives should be added. Because of the inherent properties of some resins or film products that do not meet the requirements of their required processing technology, the addition of additives is only necessary to change their processability, and some materials have a better processing performance, and the product performance is not up to our requirements, which also need to add additives to change their product performance. Of course, these two functions are complementary, sometimes to achieve both ends.  This first introduces the additives that can change the performance of plastic packaging films.

In addition, the use of film for the restriction of additives is different on the additive odor, toxicity, weathering resistance, thermal properties, etc. , have certain requirements.  For example, the plastic bags for food, because the requirements of non-toxic, so the use of additives and general packaging with the plastic bag additives are different.