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Because of the people's pursuit of health and the school to improve the campus environment, plastic runway is the trend of next 20 years as the golden age. However, the endless "poison runway" event is constantly on the nerves, more and more people realize that the low price is only a superficial profit, and the low price behind the environmental costs and health costs is really trifles. In order to meet market demand and to make themselves invincible, plastic runway material manufacturers began to improve the formulation, in which the plasticizer plays an important role in the innovation of course also added.


As we all know, plasticizer is the modern plastic industry's largest additive varieties, can reduce the glass temperature of materials and plastic molding melt viscosity, and itself remains unchanged, to promote the development of plastic industry plays a decisive role.  In the past, the plastic runway industry's plasticizer is mainly chlorinated paraffin, which is mainly due to its price advantage, because chlorinated paraffin more or less contains harmful substances and chlorinated paraffin as an auxiliary plasticizer and PVC compatibility is poor, too much easy to precipitate defects, is gradually replaced by chlorinated palm oil methyl ester.

Chlorinated palm oil methyl ester as a new type, pure vegetable oil based environmental plasticizer come forth in recent years.  In the field of PVC and plastic runway, silicone pu glue industry, it is getting more and more wide usage and recognized, genuine products are generally used 48-52 degrees of pure industrial-grade palm oil and alcohol after the transesterification reaction, then the chlorination reaction system obtained a class of high molecular weight environmental plasticizer. In the production practice, it is found that it has good compatibility with PVC, PU and other materials. The main plasticizer can be replaced by a large proportion of 50%-100%, and completely non-toxic, no odor, high flash point, no smoke, no odor produced. Fundamentally cut off the source of harmful substances, for the health and environmental protection of the plastic runway escort. Due to the excellent properties of chlorinated palm oil methyl ester, the industry is recognized and supported by more and more partners. Although chlorinated palm oil is a high cost-effective, but there is a shoddy situation in the market, there are more than half of the so-called chlorinated palm oil methyl ester is made from the waste oil production of fatty acid methyl ester chlorinated products, please pay attention to the identification when you buy. Through the appearance of preliminary identification, such as smell: pure palm oil after opening the bucket lid can only smell a slight taste of oil, no pungent odor, sour, and the fake is most of the pungent smell, sour more pungent. Look at the color can also be preliminary differences: pure palm oil or stearic acid methyl ester for nearly colorless water white transparent oily liquid, and the pseudo-color is yellow.