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Choose eco-friendly plasticizer to pay attention to what aspects of the problem

Now eco-friendly plasticizer species more and more, so that many of the plastic products into the company in the choice of eco-friendly plasticizer do not know how to choose. Below I will introduce you to choose eco-friendly plasticizer what to pay attention to:

1, eco-friendly plasticizer compatibility between the resin and, in general, only between additives and resins have good compatibility: to make additives long-term, stable, uniformly stored apricot in the article, effectively play its function, if the compatibility is not good, it is prone to “sweating”or“blooming”phenomenon, but sometimes poor compatibility, products require less stringent, you can still have poor compatibility, surfactant treatment, in order to fully play its function.

2, eco-friendly plasticizer durability aids I lost mainly through three routes volatilization, extraction and migration mainly with molecular weight additives, solubility in the medium and the degree of the solution in the resin barren related.

3, eco-friendly plasticizer adaptability to processing conditions: some resin processing strip with more demanding, such as high processing temperature, should consider whether the selected additives will decompose, additives on the mold, whether the equipment corrosion.

eco-friendly plasticizer

4, the use of adjuvant products constraints: different uses of the products have certain requirements on the smell of adjuvant, toxicity, electrical resistance, resistance, thermal properties.

5, eco-friendly plasticizer with the synergistic effect and the relative resistance, in the same resin system, sometimes two additives will have a " synergy〃, than with a certain kind of additives alone, the effect of a large multi-function. But if the improper cooperation between the two additives have a "confrontation" weaken the function of each aid, and even some additives lose their role, this should pay special attention, such as carbon black and amines or phenols scrambling oxygen agent and will have an antagonistic effect.