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Chlorinated paraffin, also known as HCFCs, is the product of paraffin after chlorination and is a chlorinated derivative of paraffin hydrocarbons.  Because of its good electrical insulation, fire resistance and flame retardant characteristics, as well as cheap characteristics, in China's plasticizer series, chlorinated paraffin is second only to DOP, DBP production accounted for the third largest species.

Chlorinated methyl ester, the full name of chlorinated methyl oxygen-based fatty acid methyl ester, as a new environment-friendly plasticizer, its product raw materials from natural oils, in line with the world's environmental protection trend and international environmental protection requirements, and PVC compatibility is good, is a cheap DOP plasticizer replacement.  

The two downstream applications have a wide range of cross-cutting areas, while the production equipment is basically universal and the production process is similar. Taking 52# chlorinated paraffin as an example, this list makes a simple comparative analysis of the raw materials, technology, profit situation and downstream application.

environment-friendly plasticizer



Chlorinated paraffin

Chlorinated methyl ester


Main raw material

Liquid chlorine, liquid wax

Liquid chlorine, fatty acid methyl ester

Some different on raw material


Technical maturity


Chlorinated paraffin has more technical maturity

Reaction time



Chlorinated methyl ester has shorter reaction time

Environment protection

Liver and kidney damage resulted by long term exposure

Free of poisonous metal and o-benzene 

Conform to present eco-friendly tendency

Downstream application

PVC cable, floor, flexible pipe, artificial leather, rubber and as additive in coating, lubrication oil

PVC cable, transparent materials, profiled bar, sealing strip, artificial leather, films, pipes, coating, adhesive, decoration material

Wide rang crossing on downstream application

Through the brief analysis of the list, we can see that the two materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, chlorinated paraffin production process and market development is relatively mature, and the reaction time and profit of chlorinated methyl ester has a relatively advantage.