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1, eco-friendly plasticizer and resin compatibility: in general, additives only with the resin has a good compatibility in order to make the auxiliaries long-term, stable, evenly stored in the product, effectively play its function, if the compatibility is not good, it is easy to occur "sweating" or "spray" phenomenon, but sometimes the compatibility is not good, the product requirements are not too strict, can still have poor compatibility, such as filler and tree-wax compatibility is very poor, as long as the size of the filler is small, can still basically meet the performance requirements of the product, it is obviously best to use coupling agent or surfactant treatment, in order to give full play to its function.      

2, the durability of plasticizers: additive loss is mainly through three ways of evaporation, extraction and migration mainly with the molecular weight of additives, the solubility in the medium and the barren in the resin is related.   

eco-friendly plasticizer  

3, eco-friendly plasticizer adaptability to processing conditions: some resin processing strip with more stringent, such as high processing temperature, should consider whether the selected additives will break down, additives on the mold, equipment has no corrosive effect.      

4, the use of products on the restriction of additives: different uses of products on the smell of additives, toxicity, electrical properties, allowing discretion, thermal performance, etc., have certain requirements.

5, eco-friendly plasticizer with the synergy and relative resistance, in the same resin system, sometimes two of the additives will produce "synergy” than alone with a certain additive, play a much more effective function. However, if not matched properly, the "antagonistic effect" between the two auxiliaries weakens the function of each additive, and even makes some kind of additive ineffective, this should be paid special attention to it, such as carbon black and amine or phenolic oxygen agent use will have antagonistic effect.