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At present, several kinds of eco-friendly plasticizers are in the market, chorine plasticizer is as important as epoxy plasticizer and citrate plasticizer. 

In chlorine plasticizer series, we can find price balance is not small and color of product are big different.  The very important reason is that raw material (base oil) has big difference on price.  Like our products, chlorinated palm oil methyl ester, the base oil is palm oil, it is vegetative and green, but price is higher than other cheap fatty acid, and finished product is light yellow near colorless very suitable for medical gloves and transparent plastic products.  Similarly, epoxidized soybean oil uses soybean oil as base oil, the finished products is light yellow color and price is not low in plasticizer products. 

Chlorine Plasticizer

When we see dark color plasticizer, it is belong to chlorine plasticizer but color is dark brown, they usually uses low cost fatty acid as base oil even adding 100% used cooking oil as base oil, it is difficult to say such products are eco-friendly and only used for low-end PVC products, the lower price maybe is unique advantage.