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Enviromental plasticizer quality judgment
After all, you want to buy quality and cheaper enviromental plasticizer products, so the quality of the enviromental plasticizer is also crucial.

The following requirements should be met when selecting a plasticizer:
1. It has good compatibility with resin, which is beneficial to the stability of product structure and quality.
2, plasticizer efficiency, plasticization speed, can get the most reasonable processing conditions and the best products in the smallest amount and the shortest time.
3. Good durability, low volatility and low mobility.
4, good environmental stability and weather resistance, that is, light, heat, cold, mold, chemical and flame retardant, in order to give the product good processability.

enviromental plasticizer
5, environmental protection, good sanitation, low toxicity to humans, livestock, crops, no pollution.
6, electrical insulation is good.
7. Good viscosity stability.
8, colorless and tasteless.
9, the price is moderate.
Based on these criteria you may find an enviromental plasticizer product that suits you.