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In China, plastic runway industry has been developing in recent years, consumption and output are the first in the world.  Accordingly, plastic runway plasticizer industry, the main domestic products are middle and low grade, the whole plasticizer industry lacks high-end technology, and only continuously improve the quality and use of plastic runway plasticizer, to the high-end market, China's plastic runway environmental plasticizer added value will be further improved. Environmental plasticizer or become the key to sustainable development of the plastic runway industry.

In our country, the plastic runway with environmental protection plasticizer growth rate is very rapid, the annual growth of 15%~20% about 10 years, although achieved rapid development, but the high-tech field beginning relatively low, and the gap between advanced countries is relatively large, last year, China's plastic runway production value accounted for the world's plastic runway value of 2%-4%. Therefore, it can be seen that the plastic runway plasticizer application will be a new field. Environmental plasticizer in the field of plastic runway has a wider range of applications, demand growth is very promising. 

However, domestic environmental protection plasticizer has been severely suppressed, a large number of enterprises also for foreign companies to provide ancillary products production. In fact, China's plastic runway plasticizer dependence on imports, the majority of manufacturers are imported products to survive, with the domestic environmental protection plasticizer enterprises in the market share of the shrinking, import environmental growth agent prices rising, resulting in many domestic use unit costs remain high, directly damaging the interests of consumers.

In recent years, the domestic testing standards of the plastic runway increased year by year, the detection means continue to improve, low-quality plastic runway market share is shrinking year in, most plasticizer enterprises to transform the traditional plasticizer, the development of new environmental protection plasticizer, and because of the rapid growth of plastic runway plasticizer, but also increased the confidence of the enterprise. With the rapid growth of the plastic runway market for environmental protection and environmental friendly plasticizer, the development of non-toxic environmental plasticizer has become the key to the sustainable development of the industry. Therefore, China's environmental plasticizer industry has also been aware of the importance of scientific research and innovation, as well as new market demand. China's plastic runway plasticizer product development pay more attention to industrial upgrading, product levels need to be improved at the same time, the importance of innovation and brand influence, and China's plastic products related standards and regulations should be further consistent with developed countries.