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DOP plasticizer is widely used in PVC resin processing, in addition, DOP Plasticizer is also used in a large number of chemical fiber resin, it is worth noting that some of the chemical properties of DOP plasticizer for people are potentially toxic effect and environmental damage, so in future of plastic chemical industry, DOP Plasticizer will inevitably escape the fate of the environmental plasticizer replaced.

Moreover, the chemical composition of DOP plasticizer in the long-time use of the human body will be harmful, while the DOP plasticizer on the surrounding environment pollution is also quite serious. Especially in the promotion of green today, DOP Plasticizer should be replaced by the environmental plasticizer which is a hygienic, low-toxicity plastic additive.  According to market feedback, methyl chloride, fatty acid methyl ester, synthetic plant ester, etc. can be substituted for DOP plasticizer.

Methyl chloride, as a new environmentally friendly plasticizer, its product raw materials derived from natural oils and fats, in line with the current world environmental trends and international environmental requirements, and good compatibility with PVC, it is an inexpensive substitute for DOP plasticizer. Through many years of practice in the plastics industry has proved that the product of high efficiency, good compatibility, safety factor, product flexibility is good.   

DOP plasticizer

Widely used in various types of plastic film, wire, cable granulation, etc. gas pipe, rubber and plastic strips, heat shrinkable casing, foam sheet, pipe, non-filled calendering film, printing film, leather industry.  Used for PVC cable material, PVC transparent material, PVC profile, polyurethane, windows and doors and windows sealing strip, a variety of films, soft and hard pipe, plastic sandals, foam sandals, soft board, paint, glue, adhesives, decorative materials, foam and so on all the use of plasticizer products, can reduce the production cost of more than 30% of enterprises.  Application principle is that this plasticizer could increase the flexibility of PVC products, and enhance the cold resistance and heat-resisting effect of PVC products.

Fatty acid methyl ester, fatty acid methyl ester according to the saturation degree of the carbon chain can be divided into the unsaturated fatty acid methyl ester containing double bond and the unsaturated fatty acid methyl ester without double bond and tri-Bond. The main use of saturated fatty acid methyl ester is the production of the aforementioned surfactants. Unsaturated fatty acid methyl ester can be used in the production of the aforementioned surfactants, but also for the production of epoxy fatty acid methyl ester.  The latter is an important plasticizer, widely used in polyvinyl chloride and other resin plasticized, can be partially substituted phthalate plasticizer.

Synthetic plant ester, synthetic plant ester is a new type of environmental plasticizer used to substitute two octyl ester (DOP)/two butyl ester (DBP) or ATBC/DOTP and other plasticizers, and to save money resources. Under the action of a series of catalysts, a new type of environmentally friendly non-toxic plasticizer is used for the high dosage of PVC products.  It is used for PVC products up to 55 parts (100 parts resin powder) no precipitation phenomenon. The replacement rate is between 30% and 100%. If used mixture with DOP, DBP, the effect is better.