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The "plastic limit ban”, which began on June 1, 2008, expressly stipulates that shopping malls, supermarkets and bazaars are not allowed to provide free plastic shopping bags and that plastic shopping bags with a thickness of less than 0.025 mm are prohibited.      It has achieved obvious results after its implementation.

Plastic bag production of plasticizer is one of the main raw materials, in order to improve the toughness and plasticity of plastic bags, plastic bag manufacturers will be in the plastic bag when it is made into a plasticizer, but the share will be based on the production of plastic bags different needs and changed.  But whether the implementation of a series of ban on plastic affect plasticizer enterprises?  Plastic ban to promote the use of environmentally friendly plastic bags, generally speaking, there is no completely environmentally friendly plastic bags, only some plastic bags to add some ingredients, easy to degrade some, also known as degradable plastics.  In the production process of plastic packaging products add a certain amount of additives (such as starch, modified starch or other cellulose, photosensitive agent, biodegradable agent, etc.), so that the stability of plastic packaging decreased, more easily degraded in the natural environment.


Currently, there are 19 units in the Beijing development or production of degradable plastics. The results showed that most degradable plastics began thinning, weightlessness, and decreased strength after 3 months of exposure to the general environment, and gradually cracked into fragments. If the debris is buried in the rubbish or soil, the degradation effect is not obvious.  There are four deficiencies in the use of degradable plastics: one is the consumption of food, the other is the use of degradable plastic products can not completely eliminate the "visual pollution"; third, because of technical reasons, the use of degradable plastic products can not completely solve the environmental "potential harm"; the degradable plastic is difficult to recycle because it contains special additives.      

In fact, the most environmentally friendly, is not the use of plastic bags or fixed plastic bags, reduce the dosage, while the government can be recycled to reduce environmental pollution. In addition, the use of plastic bags to make environmentally friendly plasticizer is also the trend of plasticizer development, the current domestic enterprises to produce environmental protection plasticizer in many properties, especially health, low toxicity, etc. are difficult to meet the requirements of environmental protection. For a long time, the main plasticizer is mainly O-benzene products, but the toxicity of O-benzene products has attracted more and more attention.  The production scale of most enterprises is still small, the overall production level is relatively low, and the international advanced level still has a large gap, high-quality products are basically dependent on imports.

However, some production enterprises have begun to vigorously research new catalytic and separation processes, vigorously develop and promote non-toxic, environmental protection and biodegradable new plasticizer. Epoxy soybean oil can be combined with 12 alkyl sulfuric acid to increase the relative molecule. The formation of a new type of synergist, and polymer materials have a good compatibility, not easy to be extracted, to enhance the synergistic effect.

However, in the actual production, many people in the plastics industry to this kind of environmental plasticizer is still doubt because the quality is not stable although the cost is reduced.  Because of this, epoxy fatty acid methyl ester is often in an awkward situation: attractive cost reduction, new environmental protection energy, but can only wait and see, want to use and do not use, how to use a good amount is a key.