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     In our daily life plastic products exit everywhere, and for plastic products plasticizer is essential plastic additives, but with the development of science, people found that even if plasticizer has low toxicity, the body after ingestion of almost no acute poisoning performance, but does not mean that it is safe.  On the contrary, its chronic toxicity is very harmful to human beings.  
So what should be done to avoid the harm of plasticizer?  Reduce or avoid the effects of plasticizers on pregnant women: plastic on pregnant women, the culprit is plasticizer, it is a kind of polymer resin to increase the plasticity, enhance the softness of the additives.  The production and consumption of the type of additives are huge today.  The most widely used plasticizer is phthalate ester plasticizer.
How to avoid this harm?  1. Eat less bubblegum. Bubble gum contains DPOD and BPOG two kinds of plasticizer, they are toxic substances, chewing 7 to 8 bubble gum every day, it will reach the dose of human poisoning, endanger health.  2. Wear plastic slippers with caution.  It has been reported that wearing plastic slippers or sandals, will cause slippers dermatitis.  3. Carefully apply nail polish.  Nail polish also contains plasticizers, just paint the nail polish do not use the hand to eat, especially do not take dough sticks, cakes and other food, because nail polish is fat-soluble, toxic substances easily dissolved in oily food, after eating will lead to poisoning.  4. Preservation of the film to buy.  Some plasticizer-containing plastic film in the cooked food after the grease, plasticizer is easy to release and penetrate into the food.  5. Use less plastic cups to drink.  Plastic is always added plasticizer, which contains a number of toxic chemicals, with a plastic cup filled with hot water or boiling water, toxic chemicals can easily dissolve into the water. 6. Carefully choose the children's clothing with hot painting.  The plasticizer contained in the hot painting will enter the human body through skin contact, causing cough, sore throat, dizziness and so on.  7. Do not use plastic bottled oil.  It is recommended to use glass, iron, ceramics and other utensils to fill the edible oil.

Prevention of male infertility caused by plasticizers: Through animal experiments, the plastic titanate plasticizer is a cause of male infertility, can lead to genetic chromosomal malformation or rupture, greatly reducing the survival rate of male sperm, thus affecting the male fertility function.      So, what precautions should we take to avoid the undesirable effects of plasticizers?  1. Try not to eat into the plastic packaging of food to avoid the most effective way of plasticizer damage, but supermarkets in many ready-to-eat food are plastic packaging, such as milk, such as to try to avoid this kind of diet by plasticizer pollution, can be taken in the process, will be poured out, not directly heated.  2. Try not to store food in plastic containers, and prohibit the plastic container directly into the microwave heating. In addition, do not use plastic bags to place hot food, such as fried dough sticks, cakes, hemp, such as fried food, resolutely refused to use a variety of non-conforming colorful plastic bags to prevent the damage caused by plasticizer pollution.