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plasticizer DOTP has good electrical properties and cold resistance, low volatility, high plasticizing efficiency than DOP, suitable for polyethylene resin plasticizer, such as the requirements of high insulation PVC cable material.  Plasticizing efficiency means that make the polymer to a certain degree of softness need to add a person's plasticizer dosage, which represents the plasticizer to the resin plasticized capacity. Therefore, the increase of plasticizer plasticizing efficiency is the problem of how to reduce the amount of plasticizer under the premise of not changing the growth effect.  This can be explained by an example: the effect of the dosage of DOTP plasticizer on the adhesive properties.

DOTP plasticizer dosage/ml , surface drying time/min. Selection of filler and its effect on product properties adding filler in the adhesive can reduce the cost, reduce the coefficient of thermal expansion and shrinkage, increase the thermal conductivity, heat resistance and machine strength, improve the fire resistance and shape stability of the work piece, and eliminate the molding stress of the work piece.  It is difficult to crack so that the chemical resistance of the adhesive to improve the performance, reduce its water absorption, increase the service life and change the fluidity and proportion, and when the amount of DOTP plasticizer gradually increased, the resulting adhesive surface drying time also gradually increased, so DOTP plasticizer dosage less, surface drying time shorter.
In fact, to improve the plasticizing efficiency of plasticizers can also do like this:
(1) The use of high plasticizing plasticizer from reducing the production cost of products to consider, should choose less plasticizer dosage and plastic efficiency (such as the softness of the product) high.    Increasing efficiency from high to low several commonly used plasticizers in the order: polyester plasticizer → chlorinated paraffin →DNP→ epoxy soybean oil →TCP→TOP→DOS→DOZ→DOP→DOA→DBP.

(2) Attention to choose a good durability of the plasticizer that its boiling point high, high flash point, not easy to migrate and oil extraction of good people should be preferred.  Plasticizer flash point from high to low order: TCP→DOS→DOA→DOP→DBP.

(3) High temperature and light resistance, because plastic molding is under high temperature (>150℃) completed, if the plasticizer decomposition at high temperature, will lose the role of plasticizer, but also promote the decomposition of PVC material.  For outdoor PVC products request plasticizer should be light-resistant.

(4) Require low-temperature performance of the product resin should be added to a good cold resistance plasticizer (low solidification point plasticizer).  This kind of plasticizer has: fatty acid ester, sebacate, caproate and so on.

(5) Used to require good insulation properties of plastic products to choose a better insulation plasticizer, such as phosphate ester plasticizer has better electrical properties. However, it should be noted that the addition of plasticizers in the main raw materials, will reduce the electrical insulation properties of products, control the amount of plasticizer added less the better.