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DOP is main plasticizer in most Chinese PVC products manufacturers, the imported quantity was about 100,000 kg from US in 2017, market share is lower than 10% of total quantity and had little impact.  Because Europe and US had issued import prohibition on contacted plastic products which contains O-benzene plasticizers  for their hazardous to human being, the trade dispute between China and US make little difference in plasticizer industry itself.

But extended to the end of industrial chain, it will be far reaching influence to almost all PVC soft products.  Plasticizer refers to more finished products including airplanes, automobiles, toys, cosmetics, etc., if these products will be levied additional tax, it maybe another strike like many years ago developed countries limited plastic products containing benzene to import.

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We must get a consensus that plasticizer and PVC industry should increase investment in research and development on harmless and non toxic additives to comply with industry development trend.