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 PVC elastic floor is the world building materials industry Ying high-tech flooring materials, are a clean, clean, flexible, sound-absorbing, beautiful, generous decorative materials for the ground. Which has the advantage of green, not only light, super wear-resistant, high elasticity and Super impact resistance, and non-slip fire retardant, is a good performance, widely used flooring materials, far more than the cost of solid wood flooring, marble and tiles and other materials, is gradually being accepted by domestic consumers.

Everyone concerned about environmental issues in the present, the floor as people's daily life is closely related to home building materials should be more attention and attention, in this context, the elastic floor hit a”common fate with breathing, formaldehyde zero patience, " the slogan, which is the trend of the elastic floor industry development direction.

New eco-friendly plasticizer

eco-friendly plasticizer

PVC elastic floor with polyvinyl chloride as the main raw material, adding fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, coloring agents and other materials, by rolling, extrusion or extrusion process to produce, with a base material into a foamed PVC membrane flooring and a dense PVC sheet with a substrate of two kinds of flooring. Wherein the plasticizer is one of the important raw materials of the elastic floor, its role is to make the floor relatively soft, more plasticity. Its existence is like a dish of delicacies in the seasoning, for its choice cannot be careless. Most currently used on the market is the traditional plasticizer, or not environmentally friendly, can not pass the EU environmental certification organization, or is relatively environmentally friendly (still containing a benzene ring), but the price is high.

People without long-term care will be close to worry, the rich vision of the enterprise may get a better opportunity for development. I believe that many people can see the traditional plasticizer problem, then how to solve this problem? There is demand for the market, the new eco-friendly plasticizer is PVC elastic floor timely rain, it blends with PVC is good, and without changing any of the processing technology, the need is the same amount of alternative formulations of the traditional plasticizer. The new eco-friendly plasticizer is based on the lack of traditional plasticizers, the research institutes, enterprises, and other joint efforts developed, no longer use oil as a raw material, greatly reducing the cost of enterprises, and Environmental Protection and non-toxic.