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PVC 4-steps plasticized theory:

(1), the plasticizer into the pores of PVC resin particles,

(2), the surface of the resin particles is expanded by plasticizer, and the internal strain occurs,

(3), all the particles are expanded by the plasticizer, the plasticizer dispersed between the macromolecules.

The first three steps of the plasticizing process are as complete as possible in the powder process.  The fourth step, the mixture of PVC and plasticizer and other additives is heated to a molten state, forming a uniform soft PVC material, and finally finish the plasticizing process.

PVC plasticizers are widely used in coatings, PVC plastic granules, non-filled calendering film, artificial leather, cable material, sheet, soft and hard pipe, shoe soles, rubber and plastic strips, foaming material, film, flame retardant conveyor belt. Especially suitable for PVC steel doors and windows, PVC profile, PVC sheet, decorative materials, foaming rigid board and other products using plasticizers.