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Plasticizer Application In Pvc Industry

A PVC plastic formula, usually composed by PVC resin and additives, plasticizer in pvc is one of main and indispensable additive which widely applied in whole series of PVC products.  Plasticizer in pvc  is high boiling point and difficult volatile liquid or low melting point solid. 
At present, main current plasticizers include phthalic acid ester, dibasic acid ester, phosphate, epoxy series, poly ester, polyol ester, petroleum ester, citrate, chlorinated paraffin, etc.

Plasticizer in pvc
 Along with more strict environment protection requests, relative eco-friendly plasticizer in pvc  is gradually applying in PVC industry, such as chlorinated palm oil methyl ester CAS No. 1819974-13-4 which was been adopted recently.