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Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as a stuff has been wide employed in food packaging, toys, medical provides, cosmetics, shoes, plastic doors and windows and different industries. PVC film, containers and different merchandise square measure PVC organic compound because the main stuff, add plasticizers, stabilizers, anti-aging agents, flame retardants and different additives process created. thanks to PVC and its usually used plasticizers. Phthalate II (2-) (DEHP) was listed by the International Centre for Cancer analysis (IARC) as a malignant neoplastic disease substance in 2001, and vinyl chloride compound (vinyl chloride freed from compound resin) remaining in PVC is assessed as a personality's substance by the International Centre for analysis on cancer. it's additionally been reported that PVC burning and deep buried treatment can turn out 2 of dioxins, that the safe use of PVC has aroused public concern.