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Plasticizer uses in the bonding process could make the original non-stick or sticky materials between the adhesion to improve the reagent, adding plasticizers will make the material anti-aging and toughness, and so greatly improved.


The dosage of plasticizer has effect on the performance of adhesive.

Environmentally friendly plasticizer

When the dosage of plasticizer gradually increases, the dry time of the adhesive is gradually increasing, so the less dosage of plasticizer, the shorter the dry time. Selection of fillers and their effects on product properties adding fillers in adhesives can reduce the cost, reduce the coefficient of thermal expansion and shrinkage, increase thermal conductivity, heat resistance and mechanical strength, improve the fire resistance and shape stability of the work piece, eliminate the forming stress in hence not easily crack, so that the chemical resistance of adhesive can be improved, reduce its water absorption, increase service life and change the fluidity and proportion.


The effect of water on the performance of the product water is to adjust the viscosity of adhesives, at the same time, add a certain amount of water in the adhesive can adjust drying time, reduce costs, decreasing environmental pollution.