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Plasticizer mainly phthalic acid ester substances, such substances used in the production of plastic bags and other plastic products, can increase plastic plasticity and toughness, improve the strength of the plastic products, its variety, its variety in its research and development stage was up to more than 1000 species, as plasticizer but more than 200 kinds of commodity production, and with the raw material comes from petrochemical phthalic acid ester as most. Plasticizer is required in paints to be liquid or solid. It is less volatile at high temperatures and has no side effects. It is lighter in color and less in odor.


Cloud-raising agents and plasticizers, that is, emulsifiers and plasticizers, belong to the food and chemical industries and are completely unrelated substances. The cost of plasticizer, which replaces palm oil with food emulsifiers for profit, is estimated to be only one-fifth that of palm oil.