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Prevention of male infertility caused by plasticizers: Through animal experiments, the plastic titanate plasticizer is a cause of male infertility, can lead to genetic chromosomal malformation or rupture, greatly reducing the survival rate of male sperm, thus affecting the male fertility function.      

So, what precautions should we take to avoid the undesirable effects of plasticizers?  1. Try not to eat into the plastic packaging of food to avoid the most effective way of plasticizer damage, but supermarkets in many ready-to-eat food are plastic packaging, such as milk, such as to try to avoid this kind of diet by plasticizer pollution, can be taken in the process, will be poured out, not directly heated.  2. Try not to store food in plastic containers, and prohibit the plastic container directly into the microwave heating. In addition, do not use plastic bags to place hot food, such as fried dough sticks, cakes, hemp, such as fried food, resolutely refused to use a variety of non-conforming colorful plastic bags to prevent the damage caused by plasticizer pollution.