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At present, plasticizers are already the world's largest production and consumption quantity of one of the plastic additives. With the rapid development of China's plastic industry, the demand for plasticizer is more and more. China has become the largest production and consumption country of plasticizer in Asia.  Environmental Plasticizer has got more attention from plastic processing industry and plasticizer production enterprises.  With the progress of science and technology, some traditional plasticizers may be replaced by a new type of environmental friendly plasticizers, China is facing the environmental plasticizer leading "green" plastic products transformation.

In recent years, the energy crisis has intensified, crude oil prices led to a sharp increase in the cost of plasticizer, development significantly slowed, plasticizer face to product structure and variety adjustment. At the same time, with the world's awareness of environmental protection and chemical hazards to human health concerns, have issued a number of phthalates, phosphate ester, some of the most commonly used plasticizers related regulatory and technical standards. China's food safety requirements are increasingly stringent, but also for the development of environmental plasticizers to provide a new opportunity. such as liquor "plasticizing agent" exposed problems, for the replacement of environmental-friendly plasticizer, lemon acid ester plastic plasticizer to bring development opportunities, the relevant enterprises will benefit.

Environmentally friendly plasticizer

Currently main plasticizers produced by domestic enterprises are difficult to meet environmental protection requirements in performance as health, low toxicity, etc.. For a long time phthalic series plasticizer occupied most markets but the toxicity of the products of O-benzene has been more and more public attention. The production scale of most enterprises is still small, the overall production level is low, and the international advanced level still has a big balance, high quality products are basically dependent on imports.   However, some production enterprises have begun to invest high cost to study new catalytic and separation process, vigorously develop and promote non-toxic, environmentally friendly and biodegradable plasticizers.  Accelerating the elimination of toxic plasticizers and the development of new non-toxic plasticizer has become an inevitable trend in the future. In China market, the demand for new plasticizers is increasing year by year, the development of a new generation of harmless, inexpensive and the advantages of good effect of additives as a substitute for environmental plasticizer, is the current trend of plastic products industry.