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PVC plus Plasticizer is relatively low-cost collocation, it can make plastic products to meet the requirements.  In recent years, eco-friendly plasticizer such as chlorinated palm oil methyl ester grows fast in China.  In addition to China's consumer awareness of environmental protection, but also with the improvement of the quality of life, daily necessities demand increasing, more and more PVC plastic products consumption awareness, accompanied by more environmental protection materials competition.

At present, PVC home building materials has become the second pillar products of Chinese plastics industry with an average annual growth rate of more than 15%.   Floor and floor layers, PVC wallpaper, decorative wall board, ceiling decoration board, relief art corner line, digital furniture board, digital painting marble, etc. to plastic generation of wood imitation PVC home building materials products are slowly into the home of consumers, the market for energy-saving building materials demand growth for indoor energy-saving decorative materials for the development of a huge space.

eco-friendly plasticizers

In recent years, PVC wallpaper began to enter the home of ordinary people, and the speed of popularization of the future, the market is hard to imagine, meanwhile eco-friendly plasticizer such as epoxy series, chlorinated palm oil methyl ester, etc. have huge development on quality and quantity accordingly.  In fact, high-quality PVC wall paper almost has no environmental problems because they used eco-friendly plasticizers instead of traditional types such as DOP, DOTP etc. Today, 70% of Europe's wallpaper products are PVC wallpaper, in Japan, the utilization rate also accounted for a high proportion, which can show that PVC wallpaper in China has a better future as well as eco-friendly plasticizers.

Meanwhile PVC flooring is gradually accepted by Chinese consumers. Although wood floor is the first choice in home decoration due to the quality and environmental protection, but hospitals, schools, office buildings, factories, public places, supermarkets, stadiums widely adopt plastic flooring.

Plastic has a wealth of resources, good quality, comprehensive performance, easy processing, energy-saving materials and many other advantages than metal, wood, stone and other traditional material, in low-carbon economy age plastic is more outstanding. A lot of PVC plastic products could achieve green, inexpensive whey they use eco-friendly plasticizer as additive.