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Pvc plasticizer selection requirements

(1) According to the hardness of the product, the amount of plasticizer added is 0~5 parts, the amount of plasticizer added to semi-hard products is 6~25 parts, and the amount of plasticizer added by soft products is 30~70 parts. The paste plasticizer is added in an amount of 60 to 100 parts;

plasticizer in pvc
(2) synergistic selection of main and auxiliary plasticizers;
(3) According to the performance requirements of PVC products, such as whether non-toxic, cold-resistant, insulating, anti-bacterial, biodegradable, etc. are required;
(4) Considering the cost factor of reducing PVC products, cheap plasticizers such as epoxy fatty acid ester, epoxidized soybean oil, DOTP, and glyceride may be used.

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