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Today whether plastic or rubber products are inseparable from the production of plasticizers, over time people will call them plastic plasticizer or rubber plasticizer respectively.

Rubber plasticizer is a reagent. Rubber plasticized refers to the addition of certain substances in the rubber, can make the force between the rubber molecules to reduce, thereby reducing the glass temperature of rubber, rubber plasticity, fluidity, easy calendering, press out and other molding operations, but also to improve the vulcanization of some physical mechanical properties, such as reducing hardness and elongation stress, giving higher elasticity and lower heat, improve cold resistance.

 An ideal rubber plasticizer should have the following conditions:

  1. Good compatibility with rubber and other raw materials.

  2. No adverse effects on the physical properties of vulcanized rubber or thermoplastic elastomer products.

  3. Oil filling and low volatility in processing.

  4. In the production of oil-filled rubber synthesized by the milk-poly process should have good emulsification performance.

  5. In the blending process of raw rubber should have good processability, operability and lubricity.

  6. Environmental protection, pollution-free.

  7. Good light and thermal stability.

  8. Quality is stable, the source is abundant, price is moderate.

     Rubber plasticizer

Rubber plasticizer use as a rubber plasticized system, it is 3rd material in the rubber processing industry except crude rubber and carbon black.  Rubber Plasticizer is also called softening agent, can make rubber molecules between the force reduction, making rubber plasticity, fluidity, easy to calendering, press out and other molding operations, but also to improve the vulcanization of some physical mechanical properties, such as reduce hardness, give higher elasticity and improve cold resistance.  This product is a physical plastic solution of natural rubber, for multi-purpose rubber processing aids, rubber can improve the anti-reflux properties and heat resistance, both internal and external lubrication and dispersion function, can be used for natural rubber and synthetic rubber of the plastic refining and mixing process. For rubber plastic refining can be plastic natural rubber and isoprene rubber, this product and rubber compatibility is excellent, do not spray cream with plastic and lubrication of the dual function.  It can improve the processing technology of rubber, increase the qualified rate and dimensional stability of rubber products, reduce energy consumption and improve mixing efficiency. The rubber mixing process can promote the dispersion of fillers and other auxiliaries, shorten the mixing cycle, reduce the mixing energy consumption and reduce the heat of the compound.  It is used in rubber processing to improve the extrusion performance, improve the extrusion speed and the smoothness of the semi-finished product. Add amount of 1-3% as a uniform dispersant, generally suitable for the early addition of rubber compound, as a physical plasticized and uniform agent, generally suitable for the later stage of mixing, adding a quantity of 1%--3%.