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Performance and characteristics

This product is a kind of product with higher molecular weight produced by natural oil ester and alcohol exchange transesterification reaction, and then chlorination reaction. It has good compatibility with PVC, excellent speed growth effect, fire resistance, non-toxicity, and environmental protection. Because the product has an ester structure, it can be used as a plasticizer instead of octyl phthalate or butyl ester. At the same time, it contains chlorine, which can improve the flame retardancy and electrical insulation of the product.

This product is a new type of Environmentally friendly plasticizer, which is a new environmentally friendly non-toxic plasticizer extracted from various plants and esterified under the action of a series of catalysts. This product customer service has the main problem of the low amount of epoxy plasticizer added on the market and easy to oil. This product is better than DOP 1:3 in combination with DOP alone.
  Environmentally friendly plasticizer
At the same time, it will greatly reduce the production cost of enterprises and improve the market competitiveness of enterprise products.

This product is certified by Rohs and Pahs and can be mixed with ATBC (acetyl tributyl citrate) to reduce the cost of exporting EU products.