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In China traditional plasticizer DOP, DBP faced with a more severe situation, some enterprises price "upside down", long-term losses, or sluggish demand for sale slow, the performance of traditional plasticizers, most of the small enterprises tacit "sunk capital", small scale, high cost, poor market competitiveness; and the waste displacement is also big. In particular, there will be some changes in the demand for end-markets this year, especially as environmental policies and adjustment structures accelerate.

In the main PVC and other plastic products, medical products (infusion bags, infusion tubes, pharmaceutical packaging, etc.), food packaging (fresh film, fresh bags, gaskets, etc.), children's toys (including imported toys, inflatable toys), are beginning to prohibit the use of traditional plasticizers, DBP almost disappeared although currently in the stationery (file bags, Plastic skipping, putty, swimming ring) artificial leather, engineering plastics and other products are also widely used DOP, and a small amount of doping DBP, but the current price significantly reduced environmental plasticizer DOTP, epoxy soybean oil still impact on traditional plasticizers very much.

When it comes to environmental plasticizers, in the past few years, including DINP, DOTP, citric acid lipid plasticizers are market share is not large, the main reason is that the PVC plastic products did not make mandatory provisions, in improving the corresponding product standards, environmental-friendly plasticizer has gradually opened market share.

environmental plasticizer

From this year's point of view, DOP, DBP and other traditional plasticizers still maintain a relatively low operating rate, waiting for the increase in downstream demand, and DOTP operating rate is not optimistic, and the profit has also declined sharply. Many good plasticizer enterprises, in the last year began to pay attention to technical learning and development capacity, this year timely provide customers with environmentally-friendly plasticizers. In this situation, the need for enterprises to seek more environmentally friendly and in line with today's market demand for new environmental plasticizer to replace the traditional environmental plasticizer, chlorinated palm oil methyl ester, as a new environment-friendly plasticizer, extracted from natural palm oil, in line with the current world environmental Protection trends and international environmental requirements.  It’s good compatibility with PVC, is a cheap and inexpensive DOP plasticizer substitutes.

This product is the natural grease and alcohol for lipid exchange reaction, a class of products with higher molecular weight produced by chlorination reaction, with good compatibility with PVC, excellent plasticizing effect, fire-retardant, non-toxic and environmental protection, because the product has ester structure, it can substitute for phthalate and butyl ester as plasticizer. At the same time also contains chlorine elements, can replace chlorinated paraffin, improve product flame retardant and electrical insulation. This product has been optimized to replace 50%-100% citric acid plasticizer.