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The new environmental plasticizer is extracted from a variety of plantschlorinated palm oil methyl ester is extracted from palm oil, it is produced in a series of catalysts under the action of esterification, eco-friendly and non-toxic.  This product overcomes the main problems of epoxy plasticizer that add less and easy to oil.  It mixes with DOTP on 1:1 percent, the effect is better than using DOTP alone.  At the same time greatly reduce the production cost of enterprises, improve the market competitiveness of enterprise products.


Meanwhile, this product can replace phthalic acid dioctyl ester, dibutyl ester.        With light color, high plasticizing efficiency, good solubility, low volatility, low exudation, high thermal stability index, cold resistant water extraction, UV resistance, oxidation and volatilization, excellent electrical performance, etc., it is the current low price plasticizer, reducing the cost of plastic products more than 30%.

   environmental plasticizer

New environment-friendly plasticizer is applying on the production of PVC cardboard, hard pipe, hard toys, PVC leather, sandals, soft toys, record materials, medical equipment, automotive floor materials, agricultural nozzle, fire hose, print, gloves, PVC film, PVC particles, hoses, wire and cable.  It is the timely use of PVC elastic flooring because it’s compatibility with PVC  is very good, and do not need to change any processing technology, just replace the same quantity traditional plasticizer in the formula. 


New environmental plasticizer is based on the shortcomings of traditional plasticizers, scientific research institutes, enterprises and other joint efforts to develop, no longer use petroleum as a raw material, greatly reducing the cost of enterprises, not only environmental but non-toxic.  


The above-mentioned application, according to the products of the soft, hardness, add the amount of 50-80% between the greater the more flexible products, and can achieve the following effects:  a. In low temperature can keep the product flexible and soft, increase the folding degree of products, prolong the service life of products.  b. Add new environmental plasticizers to improve the stability of products, reduce the amount of stabilizer, such as the addition of new environmental plasticizer in PVC products, can decrease the use of stabilizer more than 30%. In addition, because of its good lubricity, compatibility and dispersibility, it can also be used as surfactants and dispersants in coatings, resins and other industries.