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Due to the problem of plasticizer exceeding the standard, because of the high melting point of universal thermoplastic universal resin polyvinyl chloride (PVC) widely used in toy manufacturing industry, it is difficult to process molding, so it is necessary to add plasticizers to improve plasticity during processing. Currently, phthalates are one of the most widely used, best-performing and cheapest PVC plasticizers. The old version of the toy GB has no clear limit value for the toys containing phthalates, but the new GB clearly requires a limited range. Some enterprises do not have effective control over the use of plasticizers, resulting in the production of toy products plasticizers exceeded the standard.


Plasticizer exceeding the standard for human body harm is greater, need to pay high attention. The study confirmed that phthalates plasticizers can enter the human body through mouth, respiratory tract, intravenous infusion, skin absorption and other ways, which are toxic to many systems of the body, especially in the early stage of development and sensitive stages of differentiation and development of children and pregnant women, is considered to be an environmental endocrine disturbance factor. Animal experiments conducted by researchers have shown that the substance affects the body's hormonal system, especially among growing adolescents, and is very detrimental to the growth and development of the testicles of boys, resulting in the "feminization" of boys.