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At present 80% of the plasticizers on the domestic market are phthalates plasticizers, and the most critical factor contributing to this situation is its low price.   At the same time, the development and popularization of non-toxic new plasticizers by production enterprises has not attracted enough attention. Safe and environmentally friendly plasticizers such as epoxy vegetable oils are used as newer alternative products.  Among them, citric acid ester green plasticizer developed rapidly, market consumption multiplied.  Vigorously develop environmental protection non-toxic plasticizer is an inevitable trend!

In recent years, many countries around the world are increasing the attention and investment of non-toxic environmental plasticizers and their products, research and development of green and environmental protection non-toxic plasticizers instead of phthalates plasticizers, has become an inevitable trend in the development of the industry. The citric acid esters, represented by trisodium citrate, are green plasticizers, safe and non-toxic, and the plasticizing effect is comparable to that of phthalates, which is considered to be an ideal alternative to traditional plasticizers such as phthalates. Europe and the US and other countries have issued a statement, allowing citric acid esters products used in children's toys, medical equipment, food and medicine and other areas with high hygiene requirements.


With the rapid development of plastics processing, food and medicine industries, the market and application prospects of citric acid esters products will be more and more extensive. Citric acid ester plasticizer is synthesized from citric acid as the main raw material, which has the advantages of non-toxic, good biodegradability, small volatile, anti-bacterial and high plasticizing efficiency, and has been approved by the FDA as non-toxic plasticizer. The synthesis process of citric acid ester plasticizer is simple, and it has a certain generality between the production equipment of General plasticizer, which can improve the utilization rate of industrial plasticizer production plant.  China is the world's largest producer and exporter of citric acid, the country has a solid raw material base, research and development of citric acid ester plasticizer and its downstream products have a unique advantage.

In recent years, the research on non-toxic citric acid ester plasticizers at home and abroad has been very active, and a variety of varieties suitable for different fields have been successfully developed.  Incomplete statistics, the world's demand for citric acid ester products has reached 18 million tons per year, the next 10 years or will be the golden stage of the development of new plasticizers, the global market share will also be increased from the current 20% to about 40%.

As a new type of medicinal accessories, citric acid ester products are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. The addition of citric acid ester products into polymers, as a carrier of drugs, to make a certain pharmaceutical preparations, not only can improve the processability of polymers, so that the external surface of the medicament elasticity is strong, not easy to break, drug wrapping effect is excellent, but also can make the drug according to dosage, keep the effective concentration of drugs in the blood at a fairly stable level to achieve the goal of effective treatment. Industry standards need to be developed. The issue of food and drug safety is at stake. At present, it has become an inevitable trend to speed up the elimination of toxic plasticizers and develop and popularize new non-toxic plasticizers.