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In daily life everywhere, we drink drinks, milk and so on need a straw, but colorful gorgeous straw exists drug use risk, such as heavy metal ion detection rate, high migration fluorescence detection rate, talc detection rate is excessive, suspected use of medical waste recycled polyethylene as raw materials, plasticizer exceeding the standard and so on.  Problem straw brings carcinogenic risk!


Long-term use of straw containing heavy metals will cause heavy metals to accumulate in the human body, damaging health, especially for children, pregnant women and the elderly. Although the human body needs some trace amounts of metal ions, such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, but metal ions in the body easy to deposit, beyond a certain limit will be a damage.


Plasticizer DBP is not up to standard straw is more harmful to people. DBP is the most commonly used plasticizer in plastics, can make the straw softness is good, but it has a mild irritation effect, can cause mild allergies, inhalation, skin contact and ingestion will be toxic, can cause functional changes in the nervous system.  Fluorescent agents are not easily decomposed after absorption by the body, and exposure to excessive fluorescent agents can accumulate in the liver or other organs, becoming a carcinogenic factor.      


But in the face of the colorful straw on the market, how to identify whether it is a problem straw? 

a.       Look: Try to choose transparent colorless straw, red and other colorful straw to add dyes will be a lot.  In addition, the suction tube should be pointed at the light to see if the wall is uniform without impurities, there may be impurities made of inferior plastic.   

b.       Smell: Smell whether there is a strong plastic flavor, if the plastic flavor is very large, it is important to be wary that the straw may be added to polyvinyl chloride, or made of recycled plastic.

c.       Pick: Select a straw with a QS logo on the package.  The inner packaging of the straw product shall have obvious signs, such as product batch number, material, specification, production date and address, etc.


In addition, plastic straws should not be used to drink hot drinks, because high temperature will make the straw break down harmful substances. When flushing food with boiling water, do not use the plastic straw as a stirring rod; when heated in a microwave oven, do not place the straw in the food.  Whether safe or not, the straw should be used sparingly or not, must use, it is recommended to go to the regular large supermarket to buy.


In fact, our daily life has been inseparable from a variety of plastic products, whatever straw or children's toys, but for their own and family health sake, we must pay more attention to plastic products.