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Aromatic plasticizer is a kind of high quality plasticizer, odorless, light yellow or yellow oily liquid. It has good compatibility with PVC resin, excellent plasticizing performance, stable color and low price. It can replace DOP in whole or in part. DBP is used in the manufacture of plastic and rubber products. Such as: PVC film artificial leather cable boots, shoe paste products, etc., greatly reducing production costs. Used in light-colored PVC soft plastics, it can partially replace dibutyl phthalate and dioctyl phthalate, and can be completely replaced by colored plastics. There is also a dark brown plasticizer (black oil) with a specific gravity of more than 1.03, which is used for the manufacture of black seals, soles and other dark plastic products with good effect and low price.

1. High-boiling aromatic hydrocarbon solvent oil series (S-800# to 2000#) Uses: Used in paints, coatings, inks, pesticides, printing, dioxygen production extractants, resins, rubber solvents and other industries. End point - residue: a good solvent for PVC resin powder and calcium powder


2, the new PVC plastic plasticizer series (260# to 340#) Uses: used in plastic products such as plastic pipes, plastic shoes, cable materials, sealing strips. End point - Residual liquid: plasticizer for the black plastics industry

3, high-grade environmentally friendly de-aromatic solvent oil series (D-30# to 100#) Uses: used in printing and dyeing, coatings, aluminum platinum, aluminum sheets, pesticides, cold rolling equipment, industrial cleaning agents and other industries. End point - full residue oil: used as a base oil for metal processing series.
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