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What is the current situation of the plasticizer market?

As one of the plastic additives, plasticizer plays an important role in the world. However, with the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, all walks of life put forward higher requirements for plasticizers. So, what is the current situation of the plasticizer market? And listen to the following analysis.

For a long time, plasticizers mainly consist of o-phenyl products. However, with the increasing application of DOP plasticizer in food and pharmaceutical industries, more and more attention has been paid to its toxicity. It was found that DOP products were found in the human body, especially in the lungs, after people imported blood stored in polyvinyl chloride plastic bags. Although there is still a lot of controversy about whether DOP is carcinogenic, there is a potential carcinogenic risk for DOP. International authorities have begun to take appropriate measures to limit the use of DOP.


At present, the global research and development of eco-friendly plasticizer products have been accelerated, especially the basic application research of plastic products with high health requirements. In China, plasticizers such as DOP, which have been eliminated abroad, still have a large market, and the development and promotion of new non-toxic plasticizers by plasticizer manufacturers have not attracted enough attention. In the domestic market, 80% of plasticizers are DOP, DBP (dibutyl phthalate) and other plasticizers. Low price is the key factor.