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plasticizer as the production of plastic additives consumption, widely used in rubber and plastic products, a wide range, but the current domestic plasticizer industry product structure is irrational, special plasticizer production is small, the market share is low. Research is conducted on the percentage of consumption of plasticizer and the angle of choice of downstream users.

non-phthalate plasticize market share, which DOP with a high price to become the plasticizer varieties.DOP is a general-purpose plasticizer, high cost, mainly used for the processing of polyvinyl chloride resin, but also for the processing of acetic acid resin, ABS resin, and rubber and other polymers, can also be used to make paint, dyes, dispersants, DOP plasticized PVC can be used in the manufacture of artificial leather, agricultural film, packaging materials, cables and so on.

non-phthalate plasticize

The survey found that: the end user in determining the quality requirements of plastic products, use, and processing environment before selecting the type of plasticizer. Plasticizer selected conditions to be met:, and the resin has good compatibility; second, high plasticizing efficiency, plasticizing speed; Third, good durability, low volatility, small mobility, resistance to extraction high; fourth, low toxicity, low pollution; fifth, good electrical insulation, viscosity stability, colorless, odorless, inexpensive and readily available. The above conditions are ideal conditions for the choice of plasticizer, the downstream users in the choice of plasticizer, the priority factors are compatibility, plasticizing efficiency, and durability.