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the eco-friendly plasticizer is a multi-purpose modifier for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other resins. Is a superior primary plasticizer. Because of its good stain resistance and non-tacky surface, soft PVC products containing viscosity reducer is more consumer favorite.

eco-friendly plasticizer's viscosity reducer is compatible with all general purpose primary and secondary plasticizers and is widely used in PVC plastisol and organic soils. Compared with the same amount of DOP plasticizer, the reducing agent can make PVC sheet to achieve higher stiffness. For calendaring and injection molding processing of PVC products, the viscosity reducing agent is also an excellent additive.

eco-friendly plasticizer

eco-friendly plasticizer in the processing of cellulose materials and textiles, viscosity reducer is also widely used in PVC latex formulation of a superior additive. For the application of surface coatings and ink film formers, viscosity reducer is also a low color and economic additives.