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Phthalic acid ester series is the most important plasticizer, it has numerous varieties and large quantity production, annual sales accounted for 80% in plasticizer industry.


Phthalic acis ester is kind of ester compounds with high boiling point.  Usually they have mild polarity, good compatibility with PVC products.  Comparing with other plasticizers, phthalic acid ester has wide applicability, good chemical stability, simple production process, cheap raw material and low cost.


The most representative product of phthalic acid ester series is DOP (Dioctyl-Phthalate), it is the mainstream products with high production and usage quantity in plasticizer market.


Comparing with DOP, DOTP (Dioctyl terephthalate) has advantage on temperature resistance, difficult volatilization, extraction resistance, softness and electrical insulation property.  As plasticizer, DOTP shows excellent durability, soapy water resistance and low temperature flexibility in PVC products.  Because of its low volatility, DOTP as plasticizer could meet requirement of temperature-resist grade on wire and cable products, it could be widely used in temperature resistant 70 cable material (IEC standard) and other soft PVC products.