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plasticizer in pvc Safety protection:

1.General chemical product and normal storage.

2.The product in the use of conventional industrial hygiene practices are seen as when processing without harm, can be used for food contact.


1.Compared with normal PE WAX,its melt pointing is higher and will not cause atomization and die mouth dropping.

2.In high-filled PVC producing,more filler can be added to ensure good plastify,lubricant and discharge stability.

3.In the processing of PVC foaming product,adding 3316A will help improve foaming stability,uniformity and prolong the time of demould.

4.When adding 3316A product,some enterprise will have the phenomenon of product white or yellow,this is the result of 3316A promoting plasticizing,the color need to be adjusted.

5.Recommendation adding:0.3%-0.5%