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uses of Plasticizer

The main function of plasticizer is to weaken the secondary valence of polymer molecules, i.e., van der Waals force, which increases the mobility of polymer molecular chain, reducing the crystallization, increasing the plasticity of polymers, manifested as the hardness of polymers, modulus, softening temperature and embrittlement temperature decreased, while the elongation and flexibility increased.
In fact, the plastic technology has been used in primitive society, plasticizer also began in the original human inventions.  For example: pottery-Clay plus water. In ancient times, oil soluble in asphalt to make waterproof materials used to waterproof, to fill the ship crack, and so on, where the role of oil plasticizer, as well as leather with whale oil makes it soft, whale oil is the most durable plasticizer.
Plasticizers can reduce the modulus of elasticity and tensile strength of fracture, improve extensibility and elongation at break, improve flexibility, the reversible bending strength, toughness and impact strength, surface gloss and appearance. Plasticizer in our life can be found everywhere, has a great role, but because of its environmental protection, now emerging a lot of green plasticizer such as chlorinated palm oil methyl ester to replace DOP.