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 the eco-friendly plasticizer is a transparent, non-visible, oily liquid that is an important general-purpose plasticizer for the processing of polyvinyl chloride resins. Should be processing aids, but some friends or the exact point is "bear children" always come up with some different, for example, by mistake eco-friendly plasticizer, so, eco-friendly plasticizer drink what will happen?

Phthalates into the body will have a similar effect of estrogen, will interfere with endocrine if an adult male body phthalate concentration is higher, the number of sperm will be less, the quality is worse with the active force. Women also have an increased risk of developing breast cancer and endometrial cancer.

eco-friendly plasticizer

However, do not be afraid, this is only the case of taking an overdose will occur if a small amount of mistaken recommendation can drink more water, promote the absorption of poison discharge, also pay attention to observe no other abnormal symptoms, if abnormal at any time to go to the hospital.

Although eco-friendly plasticizer does not belong to the category of toxic, a small amount of taking it does not cause particularly serious consequences, but after all, is a chemical, it is recommended not to risk!