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plasticizer plasticizing mechanism, generally considered to have the following two:

1) when the plasticizer is melted together with the resin, the small molecules of the plasticizer will be inserted between the polymer chains, weakening the gravitational attraction between the polymer chains, increasing the distance between them, resulting in an increase in the polymer molecular chain movement may reduce the entanglement between the polymer chains, the resin can occur at lower temperatures the glass thus, the gravitational and entangled polymer molecules between the chains is a major cause of plasticization.


2) the molecular structure of the polymer also affects the gravitational force between the polymer chains, especially the nature of the polymer chains of each group, having a strong polar group intermolecular chain large force, having a non-polar group intermolecular chain small force, in order to make the polymer having a strong polar group is easy to shape, can add people plasticizer,
Seen from the above, the reason why the plasticizer plasticizing effect, the key is to weaken the force between the polymer.